Actors39 equity dressing room rules

rules, or regulations regarding restroom access in their states and/or municipalities, as well as the potential application of federal anti-discrimination laws. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Department of Justice (DOJ), DOL, and several other federal agencies, following several court rulings, have interpreted prohibitions.

32 / 34. 12. Shoes must be kept clean and tidy. Members of the royal family are expected to have every element of their outfit in check—and that includes their shoes. Footwear must be clean and ....

Oct 07, 2014 · • Agreement to never rehearse or perform without a signed Equity contract. • Timely payment of dues • Maintenance of up-to-date contact information • Endeavor to always give your best performance • File a copy of your contract with Equity no later than first rehearsal • Make no unauthorized changes in performance, costume, make-up or hairstyle.




Jul 06, 2012 · (a) Salary Minimums. Minimum weekly salaries for Guest-Artists are based on the maximum number of performances in any one week. Minimum weekly salaries are as follows: Tier I -$300 for the Actor, $360 for the Stage Manager; Tier II -- $400 for the Actor, $480 for the Stage Manager; Tier Ill -- $510 for the Actor, $612 for the Stage Manager..

There is no room for flexibility here. Wouldn’t you re-sent it? COSTUME FITTINGS are tricky. Let the designer know your con-cerns but avoid doing his or her job. Too much unwanted advice to a designer, and you could end up in a tube top or out of a job. GOSSIP — You know it’s wrong. We heard you say it. ACTORS' EQUITY ASSOCIATION Actors ....

Smart casual is the least “defined” of the four basic dress codes. There aren’t any hard and fast rules, it’s more about the feeling of being “dressed up” for work without the need for specialty clothing. Don’t be afraid to overdress at the office occasionally, especially for big meetings or important events. Variant: Commuter Casual.